Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sand Pail List [Updated November 23, 2014]

Since I couldn't come up with things to fill an entire bucket...
  1. meet Amy
  2. meet Melissa
  3. run a 5k
  4. do multiple wide-grip pull ups
  5. dead lift twice my body weight
  6. squat 1.5 times my body weight
  7. get a tattoo
  8. finish The Dark Tower series
  9. buy a Kindle
  10. own a VW Beetle
  11. super secret list entry
  12. organize my massive recipe collection
  13. see the northern lights
  14. watch a NASCAR race at Talladega, Atlanta & Daytona (and the Brisol night race)
  15. play "The Entertainer" on the keyboard
  16. inspire someone to do something good Melissa insists that I mark this one off. I disagree that I was all that inspiring, but thank you <3
  17. read all of Anne Rice's books (I've only read 4 so far)
  18. dance in the rain
  19. have sex on a boat
  20. speak in front of a very large crowd
  21. meet a celebrity
  22. see Cirque du Soleil
  23. become a Turbo Kick instructor
  24. actually get a paid job teaching Turbo Kick
  25. develop a local Turbo Kick program for kids
  26. cook with tofu
  27. try eggplant again, and like it
  28. complete NaNoWriMo
  29. complete Script Frenzy
  30. run an entire 8k - I've completed one, but not running the whole thing
  31. meet Chalene Johnson
  32. be debt free
  33. own a business
  34. give up artificial sweeteners
  35. complete a triathlon 
  36. complete a half-marathon
  37. complete a marathon 
  38. participate in multiple obstacle course races (Spartan Sprint 3/10/12, Storm The Beach 4/21/12)
  39. drive up the Pacific coast
  40. see a space vehicle launch or land
  41. observe the International Space Station though binoculars or telescope
  42. complete the 300 workout
  43. see a show in Vegas
  44. see a show on Broadway
  45. master the Michael Jackson Experience Wii/Xbox game
  46. learn the Thriller dance
  47. learn the Single Ladies dance, specifically this version
  48. attend a science lecture
  49. finish my doctorate - or start & complete a different one
  50. hike the Appalachian trail (thanks, Amanda)
  51. ride in a hot air balloon
  52. attend a state fair
  53. go ziplining
  54. complete a century ride
  55. climb the Washington Monument
  56. hunt my own dinner
  57. not finish last on the Saturday Fitness Beatdown
  58. participate in a Flash Mob (the fun kind, not the violent kind)
  59. be president an organization/board
  60. enter the Crossfit Games
  61. be serenaded by someone who can actually sing (Bitchy, I know, but that dying moose thing my [ex]husband does is not singing!)
  62. go zorbing
  63. host a haunted house/Halloween party
  64. Zumba
  65. ride in a helicopter
  66. try the Duggar Family Tater Tot Casserole recipe
  67. intentionally left private - sorry :p
  68. get through Titanic without crying
  69. kiss a girl
  70. learn to crochet
  71. learn to knit
  72. learn to play the cello
  73. learn to weave
  74. play Nearer My God To Thee on the violin & the cello
  75. make Ben Starr's Pumpkin Carrot Cake
  76. drive in a demolition derby
  77. see Shinedown in concert with Cat
  78. learn to ride a motorcycle
  79. ask a guy on a date (I have never asked a guy out - I'm too chicken shit)
  80. get in back shape and maintain for a minimum of 2 years
  81. join a roller derby league
  82. have a paper/story/article published
  83. do a handstand push up 
  84. build a computer from parts
  85. achieve a Platinum Award from the President's Challenge (I have silver, gold & bronze, but the platinum is a bitch to get - I am not even halfway as of 1/21/13)
  86. be in a parade (I did this on St. Patrick's Day, 2013. I was a zombie.)
  87. complete Crossfit Fran
  88. attend Turbo Kick All Star Presenter Camp
  89. complete all levels of Candy Crush and Farm Heroes
  90. do Jessica's Dark Horse exercise routine
  91. slide into home base
  92. do donuts in an empty parking lot

Friday, June 7, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo starts July 1

I did NaNoWriMo in 2011 and had a blast. I recently discovered that they do two other events in April & July. So I'm doing Camp NaNoWrimo next month. My friend Ali posted something on Facebook that I think is going to help me long term with my writing.

I have no intention of writing for anyone but myself. I still have my 2011 NaNoWriMo "novel" that I've done nothing with since I finished it. I don't know if I will ever go back and edit it. It kind of sucked. But it doesn't matter if it sucks. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to just write.

But I'm really excited about my current idea. I was originally thinking about the November project. I came up with characters but didn't know what to do with them. Last week, when I decided to go ahead with the July camp, I desperately tried to come up with a plot. I had nothing at all. I had a friend over watching movies the other night, and we were talking about friends...the kind of friends you would do anything for. Growing up, I didn't really have that, and as an adult, I was always jealous of people who did. 

Then it hit me. If you did have friends like that, how far would you go to be there when they needed you? I don't want to divulge much at this point, but I think I have a great idea for a story about eight friends who come together when one of them really needs them. So far, I've worked out the "why" of the reunion and I'm fairly certain how it will end. There will be flashbacks to their childhood through college, to show how they became friends, and why the bonds are so strong. 

I'm pretty fucking excited about this. 50,000 words is the goal for the month. My schedule is tight, with work, work, work, but when I'm home, I will be concentrating on the writing. I'll be carrying around a notebook and pen for the next month and a half so that I never lose a thought, a phrase, a scene. And when I'm done, maybe I will post it :)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flat Stanley Goes to The Boston Museum of Science

On April 5, 2013, Flat Stanley went to the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. He left from the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

He had a delicious pancake breakfast at Denny's Restaurant.

On the way to Boston, he stopped by the Lego Store.

And rode the carousel in the mall.

In Boston, Flat Stanley saw how tall he is (about 10 inches).

He visited an African Pygmy Hedgehog.

And posed with some human skeletons.

The one on the left is an adult male. The one on the right is an adult female. One way you can tell is because the male skeleton is taller than the female skeleton. 

There's a leopard gecko in there! They clean their eyes with their tongues!

A three-toed box turtle came out to see what Flat Stanley was up to. They really do have three toes on each back foot.

Flat Stanley visited with an eastern corn snake

In the hand-on lab, Flat Stanley made a spinning top in the shape of a heart.

It didn't spin very well because the weight of the paper wasn't evenly spread out. :(

Flat Stanley took a boat for a drive.

And took a nap in a giant shell.

This is a vertebra from a large whale. The vertebra form the spinal column and help protect the spine.

Flat Stanley studied bones. 

Flat Stanley was in two cities at once!!!


and Cambridge.

There was a giant marble run in the museum.


This lava rock formed 400 years ago when a volcano in Italy erupted.

Flat Stanley climbed a baby Giant Sequoia tree. A Giant Sequoia can grow to be as tall as a 26 story building, and as wide as a city block! Some of them are over 2,000 years old.

Flat Stanley investigated a special kind of fossil, called petrified wood. Wood turns to stone when the living materials are replaced by minerals.

Flat Stanley spent some time studying different types of rocks and minerals.

"Help me! I'm being chased by a giant fly!"

These are hieroglyphics. They are drawings on a wall that tell a story. Egyptians were the first to use any form of writing!

There are dangerous animals lying around in caves!

Flat Stanley's favorite part of the museum! The dinosaurs!

Flat Stanley peeked into an exhibit.

Then he took a drive on Mars.

And he returned safely to Earth in a space capsule.

Flat Stanley relaxed to some live orchestra music.

Flat Stanley also saw a presentation on electricity but it was so amazing, he forgot to record it. He saw lightning make music! This is a recording of one of the shows the Boston Museum of Science puts on.

Here is an example of lightning making music.

Back on the Outer Banks, Nags Head Elementary School was putting on their spring musical - FLAT STANLEY! Here is the star of the musical with Flat Stanley.

And then Flat Stanley was on his way back to Eastern Wayne Elementary School in Goldsboro, North Carolina!