Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Metal Mania

Because we were out of town for almost a week and it was incredibly long and busy.

The trip was good. I ate too much junk and exercised too little. But we saw Brandy graduate from high school. Unlike her mother and father, I have been to every single one of her graduations. Bwahahaha! She made out like a bandit with money and electronic gifts. I'm trying to talk her into giving up her monthly allowance (from us) and letting us pay for faster Internet at her house. We pay for shit service right now. I'd be willing to pay slightly higher fees for shit with nuts or corn service.

Sebastian burned his leg on a motorcycle exhaust. It's not a terrible burn. I was going to post a picture but I have some friends with weak stomachs. It's not nearly as bad as the picture of my thumb with the pad sliced off.

Other than that, I nothing exciting happened. We were so busy that I didn't get to visit any family while I was up. I got very little sleep, thanks to everything that needed to be done. I'm still exhausted. I meant to go to bed early last night but I got sucked into some Babycenter drama. Then the bedroom fan was making funny noises. It almost sounded like someone walking in the attic. So we either had a ghost or some sort of animal up there. I wasn't sure which I'd prefer.

Tonight, I have to clip coupons, watch Hell's Kitchen (last week's), review tomorrow's PiYo workout, package some books and dvds to be mailed out, and try to get the video from graduation burned to a dvd. Oh, and watch last night's True Blood. I wanted to be to bed at a decent time, so I could read a bit. I'm catching up on my Greg Iles and Footprints of God is fantastic.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catching up on Friday Fives

I'm bored, and looking for any reason to not do something productive. So I went back through some of the Friday Five posts over on LiveJournal.

If you could turn invisible, what would you do with this ability? I'd become a spy.

If you could fly, how would you do it? Wings? Rocket pack? Purely under your own power, like Superman?  Under my own power, like Superman. Or, with an invisible jet like my girl Wonder Woman - but that's not really the question. I bet my husband would be fart-powered, with an ass pack. Why haven't we evolved to that point yet? I'm sure the bean industry would love it.

If you could tranform into other people, look however you wanted, how would you choose to look, or who would you turn into?

Kristanna Loken
Kate Winslet

If you could turn into an animal, which animal would it be? A cat. Mine are so freaking lazy. That's the life.

If you had superpowers, would you use them to become a vigilante superhero, fighting crime? I think I'd rather be a prankster.


What side dish do you like the most: potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, etc. Macaroni salad

Do you prefer food grilled on a charcoal or gas grill? Smoked, with hickory!!! We don't do charcoal or gas.

Do you want just one meat item, or a mixture: such as chicken, steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. I like variety.

Do you want to eat outside or inside? Depends on the weather. If it's too hot and sunny, inside.

Does it bother you to have citronella candles burning if you are eating or cooking outside? No.

If you could change one thing in your life right at this moment, what would it be? I'd have my dream career. Or at least know what career that would be.

What talent/skill don't you have that you'd like to have, and why? Dance. I love to watch people dance. I look like an epileptic fish out of water when I dance. Or Elaine from Seinfeld.

What talent/skill do you have that not many people know about? I can wash every lunch tray in the cafeteria in under 15 minutes.

What reality TV show best matches your real life? Tough one. I don't watch much reality television. I'd have to say Kitchen Nightmares, because my kitchen is always chaotic and I probably just think I'm a better cook than I am.

If your life was a reality TV show, what would it be called? Boring.