Monday, May 30, 2016

Sand Pail List [Updated May 30, 2016]

Since I couldn't come up with things to fill an entire bucket...
  1. meet Amy
  2. meet Melissa
  3. run a 5k
  4. do multiple wide-grip pull ups
  5. dead lift twice my body weight
  6. squat 1.5 times my body weight
  7. get a tattoo
  8. finish The Dark Tower series
  9. buy a Kindle
  10. own a VW Beetle
  11. super secret list entry
  12. organize my massive recipe collection
  13. see the northern lights
  14. watch a NASCAR race at Talladega, Atlanta & Daytona (and the Brisol night race)
  15. play "The Entertainer" on the keyboard
  16. inspire someone to do something good Melissa insists that I mark this one off. I disagree that I was all that inspiring, but thank you <3
  17. read all of Anne Rice's books (I've only read 4 so far)
  18. dance in the rain
  19. have sex on a boat
  20. speak in front of a very large crowd
  21. meet a celebrity
  22. see Cirque du Soleil
  23. become a Turbo Kick instructor
  24. cook with tofu
  25. try eggplant again, and like it
  26. complete NaNoWriMo
  27. complete Script Frenzy
  28. run an entire 8k - I've completed one, but not running the whole thing
  29. meet Chalene Johnson
  30. be debt free
  31. own a business
  32. give up artificial sweeteners
  33. complete a triathlon 
  34. complete a half-marathon
  35. complete a marathon 
  36. participate in multiple obstacle course races (Spartan Sprint 3/10/12, Storm The Beach 4/21/12)
  37. drive up the Pacific coast
  38. see a space vehicle launch or land
  39. observe the International Space Station though binoculars or telescope
  40. complete the 300 workout
  41. see a show in Vegas
  42. see a show on Broadway
  43. learn the Thriller dance
  44. learn the Single Ladies dance, specifically this version
  45. attend a science lecture
  46. finish my doctorate - or start & complete a different one
  47. hike the Appalachian trail (thanks, Amanda)
  48. ride in a hot air balloon
  49. attend a state fair
  50. go ziplining
  51. complete a century ride
  52. climb the Washington Monument
  53. hunt my own dinner
  54. not finish last on the Saturday Fitness Beatdown
  55. participate in a Flash Mob (the fun kind, not the violent kind)
  56. be president an organization/board
  57. enter the Crossfit Games
  58. be serenaded by someone who can actually sing (Bitchy, I know, but that dying moose thing my [ex]husband does is not singing!)
  59. go zorbing
  60. host a haunted house/Halloween party
  61. Zumba
  62. ride in a helicopter
  63. try the Duggar Family Tater Tot Casserole recipe
  64. intentionally left private - sorry :p [Hahaha, now I can't remember what this was]
  65. get through Titanic without crying
  66. kiss a girl
  67. learn to crochet
  68. learn to knit
  69. learn to play the cello
  70. learn to weave
  71. play Nearer My God To Thee on the violin & the cello
  72. make Ben Starr's Pumpkin Carrot Cake
  73. drive in a demolition derby
  74. see Shinedown in concert with Cat and Shelly
  75. learn to ride a motorcycle
  76. ask a guy on a date (I have never asked a guy out - I'm too chicken shit)
  77. get in back shape and maintain for a minimum of 2 years
  78. join a roller derby league
  79. have a paper/story/article published
  80. do a handstand push up 
  81. build a computer from parts
  82. be in a parade (I did this on St. Patrick's Day, 2013. I was a zombie.)
  83. complete Crossfit Fran
  84. do Jessica's Dark Horse exercise routine
  85. slide into home base
  86. do donuts in an empty parking lot