Monday, August 16, 2010

I know you want to know.

What's in my Google Reader?

13 Babycenter friends' blogs
1 Lost blog that I really need to delete
26 fitness blogs (some of the personal blogs are no longer updated - that makes me sad)
26 food & recipe blogs
12 blogs related to photobombs, LOLs, FAILs, and Accidental Dongs
3 blogs for job hunting (I really need to add more)
3 local blogs
4 bargain hunting blogs
3 paranormal blogs
8 blogs related to the Twilight Saga and other gross things (I wonder why God no longer updates His blog. Not that God is gross. That blog is just in my "Miscellaneous" folder that does contain some pretty disgusting stuff.)
1 LGBT blog

So, for those of you who can count or own a calculator (I would be one of the latter), that's 100 blogs. I'd say 60% are updated daily and 20% updated many times per day. Add in my Facebook feed and 10 message boards I regularly check, you can see how I have no time for anything else.

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