Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Breakfasts/Lunches - Ideas for this year!

I may work in a school cafeteria, but that doesn't mean I want my kid eating what I serve. Sebastian took his lunch most of the time last year, and ate school lunch the year before (in pre-school, and I have no idea whether home-brought lunches were allowed or not...unless there were allergy issues [none in his class], I think everyone got school lunch, and I do know the teachers were very good about making sure the kids chose fruit and vegetables). I wanted to jump on the bento lunch bandwagon but I am what you call a lazy parent. We were extended breastfeeders and co-sleepers because I was too lazy to make formula bottles or pump or quiet him in his own bed. I'm so glad he was a comfort nurser, too. He was so clingy, I managed to watch



before we were all finished.

Luckily, I've found a fantastic blog that's not all fancy bento, but it does offer great ideas and pretty healthy recipes. I cannot tell you how much I love this blog. If I had to cheat on Fitbomb, it would be with this blog.


granola/cereal bars
toast (or bagel/English muffin) w/ nut butter or light cream cheese
cereal (Cheerios, Rice Krispies, or Corn Flakes)

with milk or yogurt and fruit, sometimes turkey bacon or sausage.


ham or peanut butter & jelly/Nutella on whole wheat or quick ogre bread, tortilla roll up, or mini pita
meatballs with easy vegetable risotto
crumb coated chicken nuggets (use boneless, skinless)
chicken Momnuggets
chicken/beef/vegetable soup
Tex-Mex corn & bean salsa
grilled cheese or quesadillas
Sandwich Thin or English Muffin pizza
bulgur chili
turkey veggie meatloaf muffins
ham & cheese mini muffins
ham stuffed cheddar mini muffins
baked corn dog bites


whole wheat crackers w/ peanut butter, jelly, low fat cream cheese & chives
pretzels or croutons
oatmeal pumpkin bars or pumpkin nuggets
whole wheat pumpkin carrot muffins
fruit & vegetable slices
air-popped popcorn
oatmeal raisin cookies
baked apples w/ cinnamon

I'm hoping to post a full menu for the month of September, that will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for both of us (Sebastian and me - Sam gets whatever he gets). I have Sebastian's lunches penciled in and I need to schedule dinners. My lunches will likely be left overs, and my breakfasts the same (or not all that varied). And of course, since I have no idea what the heck I'm doing, September's menu will be very simple and not likely to include any "new" dinner recipes. I'm also trying to figure out how to present it online. I know there are menu planning templates but the once I've seen so far aren't right for my need to be in control of every single detail. I'll probably end up making a spreadsheet in Google Docs.

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