Thursday, August 5, 2010

The theme to "The Jeffersons" is stuck in my head.

Because I'm moving on up!

Earlier this year, after 6 months of never being called to substitute teach, I got a job subbing in the school cafeteria. Mainly at my son's elementary school, but occasionally at the middle school, as well. I liked the middle school well enough, but I loved the elementary schedule. And they loved me, if I do say so myself. I became a "long term" sub in April-ish, after one of the girls got really sick. I worked every school day from then until the end of the school year. Boss Lady (BL) at the elementary school seemed to like my work, availability, and enthusiasm. I made it clear that I loved the job and would definitely be interested in something permanent if Sick Girl (SG) didn't come back or one of the others transferred.

So, I waited through the end of June and into July. I saw SG at Kmart and she looked good. She didn't see me, so I didn't make conversation. I got my paperwork from the school board about whether or not I still wanted to be on the substitute teacher list. I filled it out and indicated I was still interested - after all, I'd paid my billion dollars for the course and didn't want to retake the course in the future. Then I got my paperwork for the substitute child nutrition list. That's what we are - child nutrition employees, not lunch ladies. In that paperwork, there was also the questions of whether or not I'd be interested in a permanent position. Well, duh. So I checked that box, too.

BL from the elementary school called me this morning. SG isn't coming back, have I found something better? Lady, I wasn't even looking. I was holding out for you! That's what I told her. And I was! I wanted this job. It's still perfect, even without benefits.

It's not officially official yet, but the Director of Child Nutrition (DCN) wants me to attend the training sessions and start the school year, then when things settle down, we'll all sit down with the principal and do the interview. Yikes. I'm not worried.

What does scare me is how busy I'm going to be, after going from being a housewife then stay at home sit on my ass mom for the last nine years to having a job AND being the head of the PTA fundraising committee. I'm also trying to get on the sub list for our school's after school care program. We'll also have Green Team and I wanted to see about starting a Lego Robotics team at our school.

When will I have time to play on the internet? Will being much more active help me lose these last 7 pounds? What time will I have to wake up each day to get my workout done before school? How will I stay in control of my food? Will there be a lot of Crock Potting in my future? Will I get hopelessly behind on my stories?

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