Thursday, August 5, 2010

My son is the biggest turd ever!!!

He's been asking to watch The Exorcist. I told him no. Not because he's 6, but because that movie creeps me out. He can watch whatever else he wants, or watch it with Sam, but I am not watching The Exorcist. When he asked me why, I showed him a picture of Possessed Regan and he didn't have much of a reaction. Today, the little shit was watching videos on YouTube and he started laughing. "Mommy, you have to come see this, it's hysterical!" I sat down, put on the headphones, and watched a Mario video. At the end, up pops a picture of Possessed Regan, with a scream, like that Flash thing that was being passed around a few years ago. 

My kid is a jerk.

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